Frequently Asked Questions

Home Health Care is skilled care delivered directly to a patient’s home. This type of care is provided by licensed medical professionals including nurses, therapists and aides for the purpose of treating or managing an illness, injury or medical condition. Some of the services that may be covered include medical services such as skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. We also provide other non-medical services such as social services or assistance with daily living.

All patients’ home health care needs are evaluated during the first visit by a RN or therapist. An individualized care plan is initiated under the direction of the patient’s Physician and with input from the patient and family members. The care plan is continually assessed and updated as the patient’s needs change and as progress in made. All of this is documented in the patient’s chart.

Home Health care is to help the patient rest, recover and receive treatment in the comfort of their own home or residence. The services provided by home health care are offered with the goal of helping the patient regain independence to become as self-sufficient as possible while also managing their disease or condition.

Once your Physician sends us an order for home health care, they authorize a coordinated treatment plan, commonly called a “plan of care,” and periodically reviews services and the patient’s progress. If you have any questions or need assistance with this process, you can call us at 407-350-4991 and we would be more than glad to help.

Yes, we are a certified home health care agency that complies with all the Medicare and Medicaid regulations.

Home health care allows a person to be discharged earlier from a hospital, reduces hospital admissions, and helps with a faster recovery. Most importantly, patients’ are happier and more comfortable at home and allows them to receive more care and attention from health care professionals and family members.

Medicare, Medicaid or other health insurances may cover the cost of home health care services. Some insurance policies will not cover all home health care services unless certain conditions are met. We can help determine if the services you need are covered or if you need to make other arrangements.

Your doctor decides what care you need—possibly a skilled nurse, a physical therapist, a speech pathologist, or a combination. Only if you have at least one of those three, your doctor may also order an occupational therapist, social worker or personal care aide, depending on your condition.

The doctor’s office contacts us. If you are a patient in the hospital, the hospital discharge planner may call. You may ask either the doctor or discharge planner about Home Health, or you can call us yourself at 407-350-4991 and we will find out if your doctor would like to order Home Health for you.